He wanted a voodoo spell to get his daughter and her boyfriend back together…

“It’s crazy,” said Dave (not his real name). “They’re madly in love with each other, but he’s gone off to ‘re-evaluate’ their relationship.” This was what a young woman’s father said to me a few months back.

Like most fathers he wasn’t entirely enamored with the guy his daughter was living with. But as Dave said: “He’s a pretty good sort and treats her well.”

When the guy left his daughter, Dave got in touch with me.

“There’s not doubt about it, they’re made for each other, so I wonder if you could work your voodoo spells to heal things between them?” Dave asked.

I was rather touched – even plain amazed – that a father would consult me to help put his daughter’s relationship back on track.

Anyway, I did a voodoo spellworking using a Rootin’ Bone, which involved arcane incantations performed at a place of power not far from me.

Amazingly, within two weeks the guy had “got his head together” and decided the relationship was for him after all, and the two got back together.

Was it down to my voodoo Rootin’ Bone working?

Well, according to Dave, the young guy reported a strange tingling feeling all over his body at around the time I cast the spell…

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