The current chaos and instability around the globe is down to sinister occult forces, according to voodoo doctor…

Look around. Chaos is everywhere. Politics is running out of control on all sides of the fence. Violent conflict is everywhere. And seemingly even regular people are at each others’ throats, be it ranting and trolling online, or protesting aggressively on the streets.

In my view this is down to occult forces that have been unleashed in the world. To be fair, some of those occult forces are for the greater good, but very likely we’ll see a total collapse of society before a new and better worlds appears.

On the dark side, some of those occult forces are very dark, and are about control of the masses and ensuring the mega-rich 1% get ever richer.

In essence, over the last few decades politics has become the new magick. No longer is magick about summoning devils and demons using methods laid out in medieval grimoires. Now it’s about manipulating reality and public perception on the global stage.

Vladimir Putin is no stranger to the modus operandi of post-modern magick. Nor is Donald Trump. Both are post-modern magickians par excellence.

On the flip-side, there are highly sinister forces surrounding the old money families (think Rockefellers and Rothschilds) and the newer money people like billionaire Hungarian-American investor, George Soros. These form the old world order that wants to control the mass populations of the world and form a globalist empire, not to mention profiting from wars and conflict.

But who are the good guys in all this?

We won’t know for sure until a new world is born from the ashes of this one – as much points to a collapse coming our way. The mighty dollar could crash (as it is far from mighty now) and “fiat” money itself might well go under… if so, that all means very troubled times lie ahead.

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