The voodoo doll “shadow man” hex is a hardcore curse working designed to take down the worst kind of evil doers…

It turns their nefarious intent against them. In other words it has a powerful element of “return to sender” built into it. This one can be aimed at an individual or a group of people.

Naturally, it goes without saying that this kind of working should not be done lightly – the targets must be proven wrong-doers… if not I don’t take on the case.

For the ritual, I go to a place about seven miles from me, out in the countryside. There’s a church in the middle of nowhere, and down from that you come to a stream. Crossing over that there’s a small island within the marshland. Lots of Willow trees and Alder.

It’s one of those natural places that has power. In this case, a baleful energy, due to it being haunted by malevolent spirits that love nothing more than to bring misfortune to humans, and mislead wary travelers who pass that way.

It’s the right kinda place to call down the necessary dark energies to take down evil doers…

I get to this place while it’s still light, and arrange my conjure items on some slabs, left there, no doubt, by local farmers. As dusk falls I get to work calling down the spirits of this dark and dour place, shadow creatures that skirt between the earthly plane and the dark northern reaches of the etheric plane.

Once I begin the working, an ominous stillness comes upon the area, very oppressive and claustrophobic.

When the ritual is done, and the malign entities have been banished and left offerings of liquor and cigars, I head home and place the shadow man voodoo doll in a safe place, ready to be mailed out to the client.

So what does the voodoo shadow man hex do?

It emits dark energies at your enemy or enemies – like a malevolent broadcast station. Whatever wrongs they have done to you, they will pay for, and some. But the positive outcome is very much that you have taken action against those who have, and would, do you wrong.


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