Voodoo dolls are a key part of the voodoo doctor’s arsenal, and are typically used to curse, hex or to get rid of unwanted people.

Voodoo dolls are very much the stuff of Hollywood movies. Thus they are commonly seen as the scary part of voodoo where simply sticking a pin in a doll that’s been made to represent a given person will do them harm, or even kill them.

While there is some truth in this, in reality voodoo dolls are simply a part of the voodoo doctor’s toolkit and are mostly used for getting rid of troublemakers or enemies out of your life, or for laying a curse on a wrongdoer.

Most commonly, you’d use a voodoo doll to get rid of somebody who is causing you grief or harm. The plan being to run them out of town. Or it might be a bad neighbor who is making your life hell and you create a voodoo doll to represent them in order to make them move out. Alternatively, you might create a voodoo doll to “fix” your boss, who is a bully or plain nasty.

How do you cast a voodoo doll spell?

The first thing is to make your doll. It can be made from cloth and stuffed with herbs or Spanish Moss. Or you can create one from clay and then paint a face on it and decorate it. Alternatively you can fashion a doll from wood, straw or twigs.

During the making of your voodoo doll, your should focus your mind on the hex you plan to lay on your enemy or the one who has done you wrong – or the person you want to remove from your life. Build up your emotional energy and feel it going into the doll in waves of ever-increasing force.

Best times to perform your ritual

Once you’ve created your voodoo doll, it’s time to perform a ritual to charge it with numinous power. The best time to do work of this nature is during the dark of the moon – that is between waning and waxing, when no moon is visible.

The next step is to find a place of power to conduct your ritual. This can be an old country crossroads. A disused graveyard. Or an ancient monument like a stone circle, or site of an old pagan temple.

Choose a time that feels right for you. Midnight or the witching hour will enhance the power of your voodoo doll working. But daytime might feel more appropriate to you. Follow you intuition on this.

Before beginning your ritual it is wise to construct a circle of protection to keep out any malevolent spirits that might inhabit the location. This is particularly important if you conduct your ritual in a graveyard.

Disused country grave yard, used for voodoo doll spells.

How do you construct a circle of protection?

There are many ways you can do this. But you might point to each of the four cardinal directions, and say:

“Open the gates of the East, the rising sun. Open the gates of the south, the midday sun. Open the gates of the west, the setting sun. Open the gates of the north, the midnite sun.”

Then point above and below, which opens the gates of the higher worlds and the nether worlds, and say:

“As I stand between the worlds, amidst the swirling dimensions of the multiverse, so we let the magic begin…”

While performing your protection ceremony, make sure you keep your mind empty of everyday thoughts. Basically relax your mind and body. An easy way to do this is to take a few deep breaths. Breathe in to a count of four and breathe out to a count of eight. This will quickly bring a wave of relaxation over you.

Casting your voodoo doll spell

Everyone has their own way of casting spells. Some prefer to cast them at home. But going to a place of power really ups the ante when it comes to manifesting results.

If you chose to cast your voodoo doll spell at a place of power, you can light a small fire and throw in herbs to set the atmosphere. Naturally, if you do decide to light a fire you might need permission from the land owner, and you need to take great care that you don’t cause any damage, or set alight to the area.

You’d then call upon the spirits of the place. Some initial research into the history of the area helps with this. But essentially you open yourself up to the spiritual powers that inhabit the place.

Sometimes the local spirits will make themselves known. A sudden breeze might get up. Or a bird will swoop down low and close to you. These would be signs that you have made contact with the spirits.

You then, in your own words, petition the spirits to charge your voodoo doll with numinous power, and according to the intention of your working, be it an all-out hex or simply getting rid of troublesome people.

When you’re done, it is wise to leave offerings to the spirits. These could be a libation of liquor, flowers, chocolate or herbs. Let your intuition guide you.

You then perform a closing ceremony – basically close the gates of the cardinal directions, and above and below.

I don’t want to do a voodoo doll ritual myself – can you it for me?

Yes. As a professional voodoo man I cast voodoo doll spells for clients all over the world. The way it works is I send you a questionnaire for details about you and the issue you want solved. I then configure the best times to perform the ritual. Then I make a voodoo doll fixed up to fit your needs.

I choose a place of power and conduct a ritual similar to the above. Once done, I mail the spiritual charged voodoo doll to you, along with a letter telling you what to do next.

Witchcraft poppets

Although voodoo dolls are commonly associated with voodoo and African derived magic, they also have roots in Europe. In England, back in medieval times and before, practitioners of witchcraft would create what they called “poppet dolls” to serve as a focus for their spells and incantations.

It can be argued that the idea of the magical doll in England was taken over to the USA with the early settlers. And later influenced the voodoo and hoodoo practises that developed amongst African Americans in the Southern States of America.

If you would like to find out more about this, drop me an email, and I’ll fill you in on the details.

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