He called me saying he desperately needed a gay love voodoo spell to return his ex, who’d left him on Christmas Day…

His name was Jason, and I asked him to tell me the details so I could work out if anything could be done to help. You don’t want to cast a gay love spell, or any other kind of love spell, if the chances are low of success. Or at least, you make very clear that it would be a longshot.

Turned out his guy had met another guy in a club on Christmas Eve. The very next day, Christmas Day, he left Jason.

“All I want in the world is for him to come back. I can’t live without him,” Jason said.

I was skeptical, however, and said, “But if he left you that quick after meeting some guy in a club, he can’t have been very committed to your relationship?”

“That’s the thing,” said Jason, “he really was committed and faithful. That’s why it’s so weird, and it’s why I’m so upset. I just don’t understand it. It is so unlike him.”

That got my attention…

Seemed to me something strange had gone on, and that possibly a voodoo spell to return a lover could potentially work.

First thing I did was a reading. Spread out my deck of old poker cards and divined the situation. A combination of three cards in the spread suggested something nefarious had gone on.

My feeling was a spell had been laid on Jason’s ex in the nightclub on Christmas Eve. A break up spell and very likely a kind of “glamour” that completely overpowered Jason’s ex, making him leave Jason.

I knew I’d have to pull out the stops to sort this situation out…

So come evening, I packed my Gladstone bag with my voodoo paraphernalia and drove out to a graveyard about eight miles from me. The church is a ruin, so at night there’s nobody about, which means it’s ideal to summon spirits and get a voodoo job done.

Having researched the people buried in the cemetery I knew there was one who had been gay in life, or at least bisexual. So he was the spirit I was going to call up.

I gathered sticks and lit a fire. Then proceeded to whisper chants to get the attention of the spirit. Amidst the swirling smoke I felt its presence. I then petitioned the spirit to help Jason and to charge the various herbs and roots I’d brought along with me – these would go in the mojo bag I’d be giving to Jason.

When I was done I left offerings of liquor and cigars for the spirit, then headed for home. The next day I gave Jason the mojo hand, which contained the various items that had been charged in the graveyard.

I didn’t hear from Jason for a couple of weeks. Then I got a call from him, saying:

“He’s come back, Doc! We met for a drink earlier in the week and he told me how much he’d regretted leaving me, right from day one. I can’t believe it. That voodoo you did really pulled out the stops!”

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