A big part of my voodoo mentor Earl Marlowe’s conjure practice involved the diagnosis and removal of hexes. People were often laid very low with mysterious malaises that they could find no other cause for after being hit with the full force of baleful conjure. Their lives were typically blighted with general ill-luck and misfortune.

Amongst other remedies, Earl used to recommend the nine-needle cure to remove and nullify a hex. The power of the number 9 has long been associated with mental strength and the capability to “reverse” circumstances by virtue of it being shaped like a spiral, which means that you could literally reverse the hex and send it packing on it’s way!

What Earl advised was this nine-needle cure:

“Get nine needles, nine brass pins and nine hairs from your own head. Cork these up in a bottle, along with some of your urine, and place the bottle in your fireplace. After that, you must earnestly ask the Lord to help you overcome the trick that’s been put on you. When the bottle bursts with the heat of the fire, all of your ailments will leave you”.

As fireplaces are less common these days, if you don’t have one, you can simply light a bonfire in your backyard to cleanse and purify the bad luck, and drop the bottle into the flames. BANG! And your problems are gone … And Earl was always right…

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