A Voodoo jack is a powerful way of breaking any hex – including love related hexes where, no matter how a person tries, they cannot hold down a relationship.

A guy called Frank got in touch with me a while back with this very problem. “No matter how in love with a girl I am, I shy away when it comes to sealing the deal. I just can’t stop myself. I don’t understand it. I wanted to marry a couple o’ girls, but I high-tailed. It’s like I had the voodoo put on me,” he told me.

I asked him about previous relationships. It turned out he’d been married at 18, but this ended in divorce. “It ended bad,” he said. “My wife had it in for me and I believe she had somebody lay voodoo on me.”

It turned out his ex wife consulted a voodoo spellcaster and had a voodoo hex cast on him to stop him finding happiness with anybody else. Even though Frank’s ex wife no longer wanted him she didn’t want anyone else to have him either!

I decided to use a Voodoo jack to remove the hex. A Voodoo jack is a polished copper coin (an old Victorian penny dated 1897) spiritually charged during an infernal midnight rite in an old disused graveyard out in the countryside.  It involves calling up some very dark and baleful spirits. My voodoo mentor Earl Marlowe described as the Voodoo jack as a “dreadful but all-powerful instrument.”

After performing various ritual incantations and calling down the spirits, I placed the Voodoo jack on Frank’s forehead. While in possession trance, I petitioned the spirits to enter into Frank and cleanse him of all evil work and to remove the voodoo love hex once and for all.

I then held the Voodoo jack in front of Frank’s eyes.

“Look closely,” I said. “You will see the evil work flowing out of you, and leaving you for good.”

He looked closely at the shiny copper coin, and with his inner vision, saw the malign and baleful hex leave his mind and body. “I can’t believe it,” he said. “I can see and feel it leaving me, something nasty and vile…”

Frank said it was like a heavy weight had been lifted from his shoulders. And in coming months Frank found himself holding a relationship down – now he’s living with a lady he describes as “the love of my life.”

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