Back in 2005, I was doing a live show - true life voodoo tales and voodoo blues jams. I invite audience participation so people often ask about magic. One guy asked me if I had a voodoo lottery spell that worked. I said that I had - one that had scored quite a few grand for a number of my clients. But first, I related my personal experience with lottery spells:

"In the mid 1990s I was still fairly short of cash. I'd got various enterprises I was trying to build up, but I also did the lottery [which began in 1994 in the UK] for good measure.

Naturally, I cast a lot of voodoo lottery spells. The upshot was, my wins covered my bills, which was great, but little was left over for fun.

As it was, I secured a string of book deals. That mixed with my music meant I was doing pretty well without having to worry too much about getting small lottery wins to cover bills..."

I then moved on to the voodoo lottery/gambling spells I'd done for clients which had proved successful:

"By the late 90s I had a handful of clients who came to me regularly for voodoo lottery spells. I'd fix up sorcery wish paper workings for them. Again it seemed to bring in small wins - all much appreciated, but the game had to be for higher stakes. Anyway, I then performed a big voodoo working at full moon, next thing I know, there was quite a few grand in the pot for these clients. They were overjoyed. No, they didn't win millions. But the thousands of pounds they pulled were invested and brought in a reasonable return."

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