Have you ever wondered what it is that marks out a big lottery winner? Out of the millions upon millions of people that could win – how come it was them and not you? Why was it Lady Luck smiled on them and not on you?

I mean was it just dumb luck? Or did they use voodoo? Did they make a deal with dark powers?

Well, believe me, some do… But leaving that aside, what marks the big lottery winner out is this: When they fill their lottery ticket out, or they go down to the store to fill it out, they find that a very odd and powerful feeling comes upon them, almost like they are looking down on themselves, like they’re in a movie.

It’s an unmistakable feeling. It’s like the numinous or universe has opened up its abundance to them…like they can’t lose. It’s the same feeling for big poker winners when they are on a winning streak. It’s like they can do NO WRONG. They are destined to win.

But how can you give things a nudge, and at least get some of this “feeling” when you do the lottery?

One thing is for sure, it ain’t rocket science. You can gain this elusive winning frame-of-mind by using a powerful hoodoo conjure formula that brings you the voodoo edge when you play the lottery. My Lucky Lottery Mojo, for example, is a supercharged voodoo spell to win the lotto.

It’s my famous No.7 formula that no lottery play should be without. The spell is cast in a graveyard (local to me) at a lucky gambler’s grave…his spirit empowers the Lucky Lottery Mojo, making it unstoppable! And make no mistake, it brings you one hell of a voodoo edge when you play the lotto.



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