On the night of July 23rd, 2020, I’ll be doing a ritual at a shrine to the goddess Aphrodite in the grounds of an English stately home. This will be to create a powerful love drawing talisman that will bring love into your life, or will enhance an existing relationship.

The night of July 23rd coincides with the beginning of the Ancient Greek Aphrodite Festival, dedicated to the famed goddess of love, which lasts one month.

The reason I’m performing the ritual at an English stately home is it has a 200-year-old shrine to the goddess Aphrodite. This kind of thing was common in 18th century Britain. Many stately homes had structures of all kinds built according to classical style architecture and based around Ancient Greek and Roman mythology.

I know the son of the aristocrats that own the property, but can’t give its exact location for privacy reasons. The family are somewhat “heathen-minded” so are cool with me using the shrine when the stately home is closed to the public.

What you get with your Aphrodite love drawing charm is a conjure bag filled with arcane items, along with an Aphrodite stick doll, which I carve myself during the ritual.

If you are looking to bring love into your life, or to improve a current relationship, this Aphrodite Love Charm could well prove the magical ingredient you need.

Bear in mind, this is a limited edition and orders close at midnight on July 22nd.

Hit the link below to get your Aphrodite Love Charm while orders are still open.

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