Some time back, a young woman called Sandra (name changed for privacy) contacted me. She was looking to win the heart of the guy she’d fallen in love with. She wanted to know whether my voodoo love spells could push things along for her. “Right now, we’re just good friends, but I think he’s interested in me too,” she told me. “I want to take it further, but I’m scared that if I make a play for him I’ll get rejected. Can you use your voodoo love spells to get him to make the move?”

After looking at the details of Sandra’s case in some depth, I came up with a plan to help her. I fixed her up with a voodoo doll love spell and a voodoo sigil – with instructions on personalising the voodoo love spell to her.

I did, however, say that she would need to give the spellworking time to manifest. Admittedly I’ve had remarkable results on occasion – one spell, for example, brought a result in eight hours. Realistically, a few weeks, or even a couple of months, might be needed to see results. Voodoo magick is an art, not a science, so making precise timeline estimates is not always feasible.

“I’m not bothered about that,” said Sandra. “I’m serious about this guy. It is not an impulse. I’m not a teenager. If it takes time, so be it.”

In just under three months, her guy finally made a move. And the two are still together. I see them both now and again. Sandra organises music acts for cafes and bars in London, and sometimes puts me on the bill, doing swamp voodoo blues and telling conjure stories.

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