There is no doubt, when it comes to my most powerful voodoo spell to return an ex lover, the Crème de la crème is my Conjure Box. Many clients have been astounded at how fast and effectively this powerful voodoo spell has turned around their relationship with their ex lover, and brought them running back into their arms.

The Conure Box working involves a spirit possession ritual, which is performed at the witching hour in an old disused Victorian graveyard in the city where I live.

First off, though, I collect together certain arcane ingredients, including:

  • John the Conqueror Root the fabled root of hoodoo results magick brings unstoppable power.
  • Lucky sixpence (old British coin) for a mega-blast of beneficial drawing forces.
  • Cowrie shell to attract the spirits of love.
  • Genuine graveyard dirt from the ritual area in the Victorian graveyard.

I then perform the voodoo spell itself which involves chanting in “unknown tongues” over a specially-chosen cemetery grave. At a given point, I enter spirit trance and allow a powerful voodoo spirit called the Graveyard Snake to possess me, through which I call down mighty spirits to grant your wishes.

The various arcane items I have collected are then infused with power by the spirits. These items form part of the Conjure Box package that is sent to you…although receiving items is purely optional – it is equally effective for me to keep items on my shrine.

Read more about the fantastic power of the Conjure Box here.

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