Kathryn emailed me from Odessa, Texas, the other day. She said: “I’ve had a lot of voodoo love spells cast for me. None have worked. They say you’re different. Is this true?”

I said: “I’m not going to answer you as whatever I say would sound self-serving.” Instead, I put her on to one of my long-term clients – Jayne from London – who has been with me since 1995. What she said was far too kind, but she insisted on saying it anyway 😉

This is what she said:

“Doc is just the best. Unlike most spell casters he actually talks to you. Normally by email because he’s very busy, but he is also reachable by phone. When he casts a voodoo love spell, he uses very different methods to other spell casters. He has this trance system he uses in rituals, which he calls ‘unknown tongues.’ Using unknown tongues puts him in direct contact with the spirits and allows him to unleash primal forces through the etheric plane. This is how he casts spells. It’s very abstract in many ways. And you just won’t find what Doktor Snake does in any books.So when he casts a voodoo love spell, it really does work. I’ve personally witnessed results within eight hours of Doc casting a voodoo love spell. OK, there are times when a result takes time, even a couple of months. But Doc always recasts a spell if there is only a minimal result, or no glimmer of result at all. He’s also there when you need advice. He doesn’t forget about you. And whenever you contact him, he’ll always give your spirits a lift!”

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