This voodoo lover back spell worked its magick fast after I performed a ritual in an old Victorian graveyard and called up the spirits.

For privacy reasons, I’ll call my client Jayne. She came to me for a voodoo lover back spell after her guy deserted her for another woman. She was distraught, but determined to win him back.

It all came about this way: Her guy Jamie was working in an electronics company, doing the accounts. A new girl was hired as his assistant and they became close. He saw it as just friends. But the new girl wanted more and went to a local “spiritual” worker to win Jamie’s heart.

It worked. Soon Jamie was returning home late, and Jayne became convinced he was lying to her when he said he was “working late.”

In the end, it all came to a head. After a big argument Jamie confessed he’d been seeing the new girl from work and walked out on Jayne.

Naturally Jayne was devastated. Her and Jamie had been together for seven years. And now this!

So after a few weeks she got in touch with me for a voodoo lover back spell. I asked her for as many details as she could give me – such as who the nefarious spiritual worker was, and if Jamie showed any signs of being enchanted, such as behaving oddly.

I then set about configuring a voodoo lover back spell to return Jamie…

The first thing I did was get Jayne and Jamie’s dates and places of birth, along with various other personal information needed to cast a spell of this kind. This is because everybody is different and thus each spellworking needs to be configured individually for it to work properly.

After that I collected together the appropriate ingredients and arcane items that would form a key part of the voodoo lover back spell, and would later go in the “conjure box” that I’d give to Jayne.

I also calculated the best day and time to conduct the ritual. As to location, I knew it had to be an old, disused cemetery out of town. This was because a number of the spirits that haunt the place are highly conducive for rituals to do with love and romance, and putting things right in a relationship.

voodoo lover back spell ritual in an old disused Victorian graveyard

Midnight in the graveyard…

On the night of the ritual I got to the cemetery an hour before midnight – the idea being that casting the voodoo lover back spell would culminate around the “witching hour.” Once inside the cemetery gates I set up my magickal paraphernalia close to a specific grave, which contained the remains of a Victorian lady who had been high successful in love and married well.

I then set about going into a shamanic-style trance. This involves sitting quietly and stopping internal dialogue – or I sometimes do it by doing a strange, almost Tai Chi type dance that involves allowing your body to shake – a shaking trance.

Either way, you tend to drift out of this world and pivot between here and the etheric plane. This allows you to commune with spirits and in some cases actually conjure them up into some level of tangible existence on this place.

Once I was able to commune with the Victorian lady from the grave, I petitioned her to help Jayne return Jamie to her. This is always a critical aspect of casting a voodoo lover back spell. Sometimes getting a given spirit to agree to help is very difficult; they can refuse. In which case you have to up the ante on your petitions. One thing you can do is give offerings – from flowers and wild herbs to liquor or cigars, depending on the spirit you’re dealing with.

Charging the conjure box

In this case, the spirit of the Victorian lady agreed to help. So I lit a small ritual fire and laid out the arcane items I’d collected. Partly on the etheric plane and partly on this one, I got her to charge these items with numinous power. I then placed them all in a conjure box and asked her to bless it, which she did.

Once that was done, I left offerings for her and set about closing down the ritual area, along with shutting the connection between this realm and the etheric plane.

After that I collected up the ritual artefacts and placed them in the conjure box, which I mailed to Jayne.

Three days later…

I didn’t expect to hear from Jayne for a week or so, or longer. But then I got a message from her after three days. This is what she said:

“I can’t believe it, Jamie’s come back. He said it was all a big mistake, and that he didn’t know where his head had been. It really is like he was enchanted by that bitch – or the person she got to cast a spell on him. But you voodoo lover back spell worked, Doc. I can’t think you enough. I think things are going to be okay. We’ll have to work on our relationship – it’s not easy for me to forgive him, even though he was enchanted. But I will eventually I think.”

So that was it. A successful result – amazingly so considering the voodoo lover back spell worked its magick within three days.

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