My voodoo mentor Earl Marlowe, a conjure worker and blues singer, used to perform a lot of voodoo lover back spells for his clients. This was back in the 1980s and early 90s, when I was associated with him – before he died (he was an old guy).

If a woman or guy came to him for help in returning a lost lover, Earl would say:

“My voodoo lover back spells have great power. Make no mistake about that. They’d have brought Jack Kennedy back to Marilyn Munroe, they that strong. But a voodoo lover back spell won’t work if there ain’t no spark of love left in the heart of the one who’s gone.”

If Earl didn’t believe there was any spark of love left, he would refuse to perform the spell. He simply wouldn’t take the case.

People often begged him to reconsider. But he’d say:

“It ain’t no use you begging me. Fact is, you don’t want a voodoo lover back spell, you want a zombie spell. You want a manikin to do your bidding. Where’s the love in that? That’s what I wanna know.”

That’s what Earl always used to say when he was asked to cast a lover back spell and there was no love left in the heart of the one who had gone.

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