Simple voodoo spell to draw good luck to you…

This one is based on a bat spell, which is why you use holly, as the nickname for holly is bat wing because the leaves look like the wings of a bat.

Using holly also means that you harness the good fortune associated with holly leaves, and is decidedly luckier for the bat than using real bat wings.

To put this working together, all you will need is a pair of bat wings – holly leaves – which you place in a red mojo bag, along with a High John the Conqueror root and a matched pair of lodestones.

You can also enhance the power of this amulet by sprinkling it with a little magnetic sand every now and again – I would suggest maybe Full Moon, to charge it up as much as possible.

Just pop this one in your pocket (but mind the prickles!) or hang it in your home to be blessed with the Luck of the bats…

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