Every now and then people write to me saying they find voodoo and results magick scary. This is understandable especially if you come from a religious background of some kind. Most religions prohibit magick. Why? Probably because they like to keep the monopoly on power and want to keep you beholden to their specific religious system.

But in the end, voodoo and results magick are about sculpting your own reality, and enhancing the “flow of fate” according to your desires. Up to a point, you can do this simply by altering the way you think about things. For example, if you entertain too many negative thoughts, that is the reality you will get. If, on the other hand, you consciously change your thoughts into positive ones your life will very quickly improve for the better. If you combine this with running better mental movies/pictures in your mind, again, the good things you are visualizing will begin to manifest in your life.

That said, it is wise not pursue magick and voodoo if there is any degree of subconscious doubt – especially if you are playing around with darker aesthetics. Though, it has to be said, the darker aesthetics are the most fun!

What do I mean by “subconscious doubt”? Well, it’s like if you had to stay the night in a reportedly haunted hotel. This wouldn’t worry me as I don’t take so called “hauntings” literally – i.e. dead people walking – so I don’t worry about it. But if you have subconscious doubt and fear, then I’d recommend you don’t stay in the hotel! The reason being that your subconscious will make you afraid, and every little creak of the stairs is going to freak you out. Yet in reality, why fear staying in a haunted hotel? If there are ghosts they might not be dead people… It’s the same with UFOs (I’ve seen a lot of those) – they may well NOT be aliens!

If I see an alleged ghost, I poke it with a stick to see what it will do!

With magick, I’d say don’t get into it if you have subconscious doubt or fear… or if you are, say, devoutly religious and your religion warns against magick (magick is NOT bad, but like I say, we’re talking subconscious doubt).

In the end, voodoo and results magick are about changing things in your life for the better, and for the more advanced practitioner, they are about exploring the nature of reality in relation to your own psyche.

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