A lot of women ask me how they can voodoo a man to come back to them. I say, “You gotta give it some fire and brimstone, baby.” You gotta crank up the action. And the way to do that is to use goofer dust.

On a dark, moonless night, you gotta hit the graveyard. Scrape up some graveyard dust from the grave of a woman who was married long years. Best to visit the graveyard during the daytime to find such a grave, and use your intuition or instincts in selecting a grave that feels right to you. Then go back at night.

Once you got your graveyard dust, you wanna mix it with a little sugar and salt…and most importantly brimstone (sulphur). Put the mixture in a drawstring bag, or small tin – whatever is to hand.

Then make your wish. This is what you do:

  • Lie down on your bed, or outside on a lawn if the weather is good – basically any place you have privacy and won’t be disturbed. Hold the drawstring bag or tin of goofer dust in your left hand.
  • Now relax your body. Start by taking a few slow deep breaths. Then focus your attention on your feet, slowly running your focus up both legs to your pelvis and hips. Then over your stomach and back, shoot your attention down both arms, then up to your shoulders… now allow your focus to dance over your face, around your head, then deep into your brain.
  • Once fully relaxed, visualise you and your ex lover together again. Make it like a movie in your mind. Don’t think in words, just allow happy pictures or “mental movies” to flow through your mind.
  • When you are done, allow your mind to clear and briefly dance your attention over your body again. Then say to yourself, “Three, two, one, wake up!” and go about your day. Put the drawstring bag / tin of goofer dust somewhere safe, away from prying eyes.

You can do the above visualisation as many times as you wish. Three days in a row, or even seven. Go with what feels right to you.

Soon you will begin to see results, such as your ex beginning to warm to you again. Perhaps he will text you or message you on social media – out of the blue. In some cases, he will come running back – that’s particularly the case when there is little or no resistance. When there is resistance, however, it can take more work. But believe me, that goofer dust gonna do the job!

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