When you order a voodoo money spell from me, I first ask you about your situation, and ascertain what it is you want from life in terms of finances.

I also ask for your date and place of birth, and things like employment status and so on. All this is geared towards personalising any voodoo money spells I do for you. Thus making them more effective. I then construct a ritual formula and gather the necessary ingredients I need to cast your money spell.

Typically, I select a day and time for the ritual based on solar and lunar alignments. This adds a great deal to the effectiveness to the casting of voodoo money spells.

After that, I go to a place of power, such as a lonely country crossroads, old Victorian graveyard. Or to the site of an ancient stone circle or temple, where I perform the ceremony.

How I cast money spells

Amidst the swirling smoke from my ritual fire, I call upon the old gods to draw down the numinous forces that lie behind the material manifestation of money and wealth. Using these forces, I charge the various artefacts that go into the mojo bag with arcane power. These include roots and herbs, old coins and sigils, and other items associated with the drawing of money.

After this, I package up the magical items that go into the mojo bag I send out to you. This contains the items that I considered would be most effective for you personally in terms of drawing money. Everybody is different and therefore all voodoo money spells need to reflect this.

When you receive your money mojo bag, you’ll find there’s also a letter telling you what you can do next. This is all straightforward. I recommend some visualisation to help you manifest abundance (i.e. money) in your life, and generally to be on the lookout for opportunities that could prove lucrative.

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