Years ago, back when my voodoo mentor Earl Marlowe was still going strong – this would have been about 1990 – we were in a coffee bar in the bustle of central London discussing money spells over a few caffeine power-ups…

We had a lot of clients who came to us for money spells. Earl said that the critical key to money conjure was to have an earthly channel for the money to manifest through.

“If you don’t have a real world route for the money to come to you, it ain’t gonna come to you for all the tea in China, or all the coffee in Brazil,” he said with a knowledgeable half smile and a wink.

“It might improve the odds marginally, but most likely you won’t get an extra bean,” he added, magically conjuring a handful of coffee beans from nowhere and pouring them onto the centre of the table between us.

“You’ve got to prepare the ground so that the underlying energy of the money crop can germinate and flow to you,” he went on.

Earl recommended starting up a business (which can be done on a low budget), joining a reputable multi-level-marketing scheme, buying and selling by mail (this was pre eBay), applying for better paid jobs-literally anything that you believe could generate money.

“Do that,” said Earl, “and your money conjure gonna bring you the edge – often in a BIG way.”

As far as Earl was concerned, the Universe has no respect for people who don’t get up and actively DO something to improve their lot.

“The flow of the glimmersparks won’t smile on you if you don’t back up your conjure work with real world channels. It’s as simple as that,” he said, draining his coffee cup and preparing to leave.

“I think you can pay the check on this one Doc,” he said with a grin. “I think I’ve earned it giving you some o’ my hardcore wisdom.”

With that, he wandered off, whistling happily out into the busy street, the jangle of the door bell behind him being the only thing that would show he’d ever been there at all.

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