Precious and semi-precious gems, and indeed, stones of all types, play an important role in voodoo conjure. Some gems and stones are believed to be bestowed with supernatural powers that can bring amazing luck … or misfortune. The art is being able to “read” whether a stone is benevolent or baleful.

Lodestones are a good example of a stone that has always been popular among followers of voodoo. A lodestone is a naturally occurring magnet which was used in the first magnetic compasses. Spiritually a lodestone is used in works of “drawing,” such as attracting money, luck or love to you.

Sanite Dede, generally considered to have been New Orleans’ most scary voodoo queen during the early 1800s, was renowned for prescribing lodestones in her spells.

Voodoo practitioners tend to select gems or stones according to (1) the month of of a person’s birth, (2) because the stone happens to be a favorite of a given lwa (voodoo spirit), or (3) because the stone is aligned with specific magical attributes.

Bluestones, for example, are considered fortuitous for gambling luck or protection, and are often used as an ingredient in voodoo amulets.

Bluestones were regularly prescribed by voodoo practitioner Regina Nicaud, who worked for high priestess Mamma Antoine  before becoming a voodoo queen herself in the 1870s.

Here’s a selection of precious and semi-precious stones and their uses in voodoo magic:

  • Amber: Good for achieving ambitions and for healing.
  • Amethyst: Often called the Stone of Venus. Very potent. Perfect for love spells and for enhancing psychic abilities.
  • Aquamarine: Brings happiness in marriage, protects against accidents and will keep you safe when traveling.
  • Beryl: Protects against evil, gossip and rumor.
  • Bloodstone: Good for healing and strength. Soldiers used to wear it in battle believing it had the power to stop bleeding. Also wards off accidents and disease.
  • Copper: Brings good luck and good health. For best results wear it as a copper bracelet – this also helps prevent or cure arthritis.
  • Cornelian (or Carnelian): Known as the wish stone. Highly favorable for healing, long life and good fortune. If worn near the heart it will make your wishes come true.
  • Emerald: If worn by a woman, it helps attract her true love. Worn by a man it will attract a loving wife.
  • Jade: Brings good fortune and health to the wearer.
  • Lapis Lazuli: Brings psychic powers. Edgar Cayce used to enthuse about the properties of this gem.
  • Moonstone: Retrieves memories of past lives and  is a potent good luck piece.
  • Rose Quartz: Carry for love, fidelity, peace and harmony, and a happy marriage.
  • Rutilate Quartz: Carried by gamblers to attract money, luck and wealth.
  • Sardonyx: A general good luck stone. More potent when engraved with the head of an eagle.
  • Topaz: Relieves depression when worn or carried in the left hand
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