Voodoo protection spells ensure that your etheric body’s defences are solid and impenetrable against infiltration by outside “spiritual” forces and baleful energies and influences. Our universe, or to be more precise our “multiverse,” is a place where many threats lurk if you are vulnerable and your etheric body is too open.

Such threats can come in the shape of demons, psychic vampires, the evil eye, ugly-minded and malevolent people, and inter-dimensional entities.

In the end, though, debate as to the physical reality of such beings is immaterial. We live in an observer-created cosmos and so, in a sense, you make your own realities, individual to you. Therefore the art and aesthetic science of magick (and voodoo spells) is a way of sculpting your reality in the way you choose.

Thus protecting yourself against malevolent forces is a way of ensuring that malign outside influences don’t affect your path in life. Below are three of Doktor Snake’s workings of protection:

Sigil of Warding

Sigil of Warding

A rite performed on the etheric plane at the time of the shadow moon. Doktor Snake aligns the strands of fate in accordance with your soul matrix, constructing an impenetrable barrier against unwanted intrusions manifesting on the physical plane.

The rite culminates in the creation of a sigil, with spirals of energy spinning through the etheric and earthly planes,  that protects you 24/7 against forces seeking to hamper your fulfilment and success in life.

Voodoo Angel

Again at the time of the Shadow Moon, when the air buzzes with sparks of orgone energy, Doktor Snake sets out for his ritual area – a circular grove of trees on the site of an ancient temple used by the Romans and Celts, but created originally by the magickians of the Ancient Britons.

Here he creates a voodoo angel doll out of clay, along with a wish paper sigil, and invests it with the spiralling forces of destiny to transform the voodoo angel into a very powerful protection servitor that will watch over you and keep you safe.

Guardian Servitor

Entering trance and travelling to the far western reaches of the etheric plane, Doktor Snake sets about creating a protective thoughtform or servitor, and investing its energy into a sigil, which you can carry with you for protection against all forms of maleficent forces.

Your soul matrix will be immune to the machinations of the greedy, envious and jealous who may be seeking to infect your life with malice. The guardian servitor will nullify such influences and free you up to rise above and gain what you desire in life.

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