If you’ve recently got married or have started to live with someone who is truly special, you can perform this voodoo red witch love binding spell to ensure that the Love between you stays true.

Perform this ritual after sunset, and start by sitting comfortably at a table at a quiet time when no one else is around.

Relax your body and clear your mind of thoughts. Visualize a bubble of protective white light around you, which will keep out any negative forces.

Light three sticks of Lovers incense. If you don’t have an incense holder, you can improvise by using a wad of BluTac or Play-Doh, or you could use an apple as it is the fruit of Love.

Anoint a red witch candle with Cleo Mae Oil. You can also add Controlling Oil if you wish, but personally I don’t think that true Love should need to be be controlled – just guided and nurtured. You should draw the oil towards you, and as you do this, say the following three times:

“Red witch, let this offering make my lover (their name) mine alone, and make our passion last for evermore, in this world and the next.”

Let the candle burn for about ten minutes, and repeat this ritual for three evenings.

You can buy Cleo Mae Oil, or you may wish to make your own to make it a more powerful working. If you want to try this, you need:

  • Carrier Oil (jojoba is best, as being a wax, it has a better shelf life than other oils)
  • Orris Root (also known as Queen Elizabeth Root or Jezebel Root)
  • Allspice
  • Calamus Root
  • Lemon Grass
  • Ground Cinnamon
  • Cypress Oil

Before adding any ingredients, pour all of your intent for this working into the bottle which you are going to use. Next, powder all of the ingredients together and add them to the bottle.

Pour the oil over the mixed powder, and add three drops of Cypress Oil.

Shake this concoction daily for a week, and then let it steep in a cool place for a Lunar month.

When it is done, strain to remove the sediment and store in a tinted bottle to protect the oil from sunlight.

So as it’s going to take you around a month, you might not have time to make it when you want it, in which case, go ahead and buy some from a reputable store. Another thing with making your own oils though is that you can make it using only the purest and best quality ingredients. Many suppliers use synthetic oils, which weakens and muddles the final product.

Alongside this, you can also run a little sympathetic magick working to increase the strength of your outcome…

To do this, you will need two roses. This working can be done for heterosexual or same sex relationships. For the female you choose a white rose, and for the male a red rose – so if you’re in a same sex relationship, just choose two roses of the same color.

Carefully split the roses in half, using a craft knife or something fairly sharp that will cut cleanly. Rose stems can be a little woody!

Now take a piece of parchment paper which will fit between the rose halves, and on one side write your best qualities. On the other side, write the best qualities of your partner. Anoint the paper with three drops of rose oil. Then fold the paper towards you until you have a package that will sit nicely between the blooms.

Using pink ribbon (if it’s a heterosexual relationship – mixing the red and white gives pink), red ribbon for a male/male relationship or white ribbon for a female/female relationship, carefully place your folded paper between the two halves and wrap the stems and blooms to bind the two halves of the roses back together again. If you wish, you can seal the ribbon with a drop of wax from your candle to ensure that it stays bound, and also to “seal” the Love into the working.

Next, take the petals from the remaining rose halves and mix them together. Place them in a nice drawstring bag, maybe something like a red velvet pouch. You can sprinkle them with a little extra orris root powder for good luck if you wish.

Let the petals sit for a few days, and then take them somewhere out into the countryside, or if that’s not possible, take them to the place nearest you that performs wedding ceremonies, and cast them to the air like confetti.

Take the bound rose and throw it into running water somewhere, and ask for the powers that you believe in to strengthen your Love bond with your partner.

So there you have it – Love blessed by the gods!

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