My voodoo mentor Earl Marlowe always insisted that the best place to perform rituals was in the graveyard. He especially recommended performing graveyard rites for increasing personal power and luck. As we were based in the UK, he always looked for old Edwardian or Victorian cemeteries for his voodoo rites and rituals.

Regarding gaining personal power and enhancing luck, he advised the following:

“You wanna find the grave of a man or woman who was prominent in life. Look around for the most lavish memorials. Anyone prominent will have been both wealthy and well thought of. So no expense will have been spared on the monument to their life.”

Once you’ve found the grave you want to use you can set about performing your voodoo ritual. Earl advised you walk slowly up to the grave, then say: “I greet you, oh esteemed spirit, I have come to gain personal power. Will you bestow this gift on me if I give you a gift in return?”

You then leave an offering. This could be a bar of chocolate or flowers if the deceased is female; or a splash of liquor or beer if it is male.

“When you’re done, give thanks and leave the graveyard,” continued Earl. “But remember NOT to look back, otherwise the spirits might follow you home and run a not so merry dance with your life.”

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