The longer the split has been the harder it will be to bring back an ex with a voodoo lover back spell, such as my Conjure Box working. It all depends on the circumstances of the split, and whether you are sill in touch with your ex.

Sometimes a couple simply weren’t meant to split up. But circumstances and events conspired to break them up. Yet a strong bond remains – one that can’t be denied. Many would call such a couple “soul mates.”

In such cases, one or other of the couple may resist and suppress these strong feelings. And this denial of what is in their heart can last years. In circumstances like this a voodoo spell will help bring out these feelings and usher events towards a happy conclusion.

But where there is no contact with an ex, things are not so easy. Yes, a voodoo spell certainly has the potential to “send a message to the universe” and by an unexpected set of circumstances your ex gets back in touch. But it is more of a longshot. The odds are not as good.

My advice in cases like this is to try and find ways of opening up communications again with your ex. Everyday world effort will help any magickal work along. But then again, this applies to anything in life; taking action will always increase the chances of success.

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