A voodoo spell to bring your ex boyfriend back is a great way to return your guy and heal the terrible hurt that a break-up can bring. Angelica from Hackney, East London, emailed me some time back. She’d been living with a guy for two years. It was a loving and committed relationship. But he dropped her for another woman.

So I fixed up a voodoo spell to bring him back. I used my Conjure Box formula. This involves performing a midnight ritual in a lonely and disused Victorian graveyard not far from me.

Before I cast the voodoo spell, Angelica filled me in on the details of her case: “The problem is my ex is a DJ. So he has loads of women hitting on him in clubs. And this particular woman – a white girl with blond hair and a boob job – threw herself at him.”

The next thing Angelica knew he’d moved in with the woman. “She’s a bimbo. I know he doesn’t love her,” Angelia said. “She always wants what other people have got. If she sees two people happy with each other, she has to prove she can pull the guy, she’s got serious ego issues.”

In situations where it is righteous and just, the Conjure Box ritual and accompanying voodoo spell can also be configured to include break up elements. Therefore, in Angelica’s case, an element of break up was added to split up her ex from the new woman, opening the way for Angelica’s guy to return to her.

This case proved very successful. A split up came within a month of the spell being cast, and Angelica and her ex were reunited six weeks later.

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