Voodoo conjuration has often been described as “the poor man’s lawyer”. It can get the cops off your tail, stop a case going to trial, and even secure a release from the slammer after someone has been convicted. In some cases, it beats what a regular lawyer can do. If you, or one of your own, is running foul of the law, it’s worth trying the following:

  • Find a big ol’ pine tree that’s been struck by lightning. Dig out some splinters from the North side of the trunk, ensuring that you thank the tree for helping you. Throw the splinters into a skillet or pan. When they get good and smokin’ hot, take a lighted match to them and burn them to cinders.
  • Put the ashes into a brown paper sack. At midnight on the night before the trial, go outside and look up at the moon. Don’t say nothin’ – just hold it’s gaze and connect with the lunar powers.
  • Get up early next morning, and go down to the courthouse before anybody else gets there. Sprinkle the ashes around the doorway-empty that sack right out.

By doing this, everyone that enters the courthouse door will warm to you and take your side. The case against you will be torn apart, just like the lightning tore that ol’ pine tree apart. You’ll be set free, and the cops and the judge will be wailin’ cause they couldn’t hold you.

Tyler deserved a second chance – and he got it with voodoo…

Tyler Anders (not his real name) was a big shot drug dealer who had seen the error of his ways. But was facing a big bust for his past activities. So he came to me for a Voodoo Courtwork Spell to make sure any sentence was as minimal as possible. Tyler, you see, had already put plans into action to actually give back to the community. His repentance was genuine. And he was hoping my Voodoo Courtwork Spell – and the power of hoodoo – would allow him to keep his freedom to actually carry out his altruistic plans, which involved helping deprived kids in the inner-city area where he was based.

This was a few years back.

He called me a few weeks before his trial, having been brought in by DEA agents. Things looked bad. Tyler was looking at more than a few years in the slammer.

To me, there was no two ways about it: Tyler deserved a second chance.

I said to Tyler:

“Let’s fix up a Voodoo Courtwork Spell geared to get you the best result possible, get you the second chance you deserve. But you need to remember that the law is a powerful force in society, so we’re up against a leviathan, a big lumbering beast that’s hard to subdue. The idea of the Voodoo Courtwork Spell is to get people rooting for you – especially the judge and jury. That way, you’re likely to get a lighter sentence, bearing in mind this is all about damage limitation – you aren’t likely to be miraculously found innocent…”

Within days, I cast the Voodoo Courtwork Spell which involved performing a ritual at the witching hour at my crossroads shrine out in the wilds of the countryside. During the ceremony I chanted in unknown tongues (the language of the spirits) and whirled around in frenzied possession trance. This put me in direct contact with the “invisibles” or spirits who possessed me. The spirits then entered the Courtwork Voodoo Spell items, divesting them with numinous energy.

After that, it was just a question of waiting… a painful wait for Tyler. But he had a good lawyer behind him and some V8 voodoo and hoodoo power from me.

Then came the big result. Due to some technicality, which rendered certain critical evidence invalid, Tyler got off with community work, rather than a custodial sentence. Now Tyler is running his own auto repair firm and is doing a great deal for his local community.

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