If an enemy is causing you serious grief, hit ’em with this high octane “running water” voodoo working – they’ll be hot footing it to the doors of an insane asylum before sunrise.

This is how it works:

  • Follow your enemy without arousing their suspicion, and when they walk across some soft ground, stop and wait awhile until they are out of sight. Dig up some of their “track” (their footprint). You don’t need to collect a lot of dirt, just a handful will be more than enough to get results.
  • When you get home, put your enemy’s “track” on a piece of brown paper, and place some hair from a cat and a dog on one side (remembering not to harm brother or sister beast in any way). On the other side, place 9 grains of pepper, the hotter the better – this stuff is going to make them burn up like crazy as if they’ve eaten a peach ghost scorpion pepper!
  • Now sprinkle a little gunpowder and some brimstone (sulfur) on the mixture, and wrap it up in the brown paper, folding from East to West.
  • Lastly, put the package in a jar or can, and throw it into running water, while visualising your enemy dancing about like a headless demented chicken whose house has been set on fire by Ol’ Nick himself. By sun up, your enemy will be stark bat crazy.

My old hoodoo doctor friend from the Deep South, Rev. Gary Fox, once used this very method on a rich white guy from Texas who was oppressing him in a prejudicial way. He recollected:

“That mofo went darn crazy within 7 hours and 43 minutes … I know coz I was counting every second! They had to sedate him, and even then he was buckin’ and snortin’ like a mad ass bull in a rodeo. They put him in an asylum and he never came out … Well, ‘cept for when they buried him.”

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