Use a voodoo spellworking to prevent your guy cavorting with other women on social media…

If you are in a committed relationship, and your guy is flirting with other women on Facebook, or any other social media, it can be as hurtful as if he is doing it in person in a downtown bar. Your mind is filled to the brim with questioning his every move…

Worse still, it could lead to racy, private conversations you know nothing about, even though your mind torments you with the possibilities, or even a full-blown “real-world” affair. Tell tale signs could include things like your guy guiltily logging off a web page when you enter the room.

To put a FULL stop on your guy’s flirting on Facebook, you need to bewitch him with a voodoo no-stray spell. It will stop him in his tracks and make him have eyes only for YOU.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Drive Away Evil incense
  • Compelling incense
  • Strong Love cologne
  • Seven Holy Spirits bath elixir
  • Make Your Wish sand

Mix together the Drive Away Evil and Compelling incense in a vessel saved solely for this purpose. Burn the mixture every day until all of the incense has been used up.

Once that’s done, concentrate on your wish as you throw a little of your Make Your Wish sand eastwards before sunrise (check your compass!) for nine mornings in succession.

Then take seven baths with the Seven Holy Spirits bath elixir. As you do so, picture in your mind’s eye as strongly and as vividly as you can your guy refusing to flirt with women on Facebook. SEE him in your mind telling them that he is in a committed relationship, and that he doesn’t appreciate women coming on to him.

Lastly, apply some Strong Love cologne behind your ears every evening before your guy returns home. This cologne can be made even stronger by mixing in some of your own love juice, which will burn your personal arousal into his mind like a branding iron.

This spellworking will make your guy react like he’s had an electric shock every time he is tempted to flirt with women on Facebook.

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