A lot of people write to me asking if I have a voodoo spell to get their ex back. Their lover, partner, husband or wife has left them and naturally they’re heart broken and desperately want them to return.

Some years ago one of my friend’s came to me. I’ll call her Susie. Her long-term boyfriend had left her. They’d lived together for about ten years. She was devastated.

“I can’t stop crying,” she said. “Please, please, Doc, have you got a voodoo spell to get my ex back. I can’t go on without him. I’m scared I’ll have a breakdown.”

I went round to see her to make sure she was okay. She was in a shaky state, but calmed down after drinking a couple of glasses of red wine.

Anyway, I said I’d fix her up with a voodoo lover back spell. See if we could kick up some action and get Susie’s ex to at least call her.

This was one of those instances where it worked like a dream. Susie’s ex called her within three days of the voodoo lover back spell being cast. They were on speaking terms again. A week later she asked me to fix up a Conjure Box for her – the idea being to move things along faster.

It worked. Two weeks later they were reunited. Susie got her ex back. She was overjoyed and so was I. It’s great to see things move along so fast.

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