If you would like to start dating again, but your ex is getting in the way, try this voodoo remedy. It won’t harm them, but it will remove them from your life for good. You won’t have to dread your message tone any more, just knowing that it’s going to be them hassling you to hook up.

Firstly, get a piece of your ex’s clothing – maybe you have an odd sock or something just hiding away in the laundry basket or wardrobe. Then cut a piece off the clothing and put it into a bottle. An empty wine or whiskey bottle is good, and if it’s a bottle you shared while you were together, it makes the working even stronger.

Next, using a piece of parchment (thick white paper), write down your ex’s name, and the name of a faraway place. If you live in Bradford, for example, you could write down Penzance – mind you, I’d be inclined to put the Moon with some people; anywhere on this planet is too close! If you live in New York, you could put down San Diego (I’d still choose the Moon personally).

Put the parchment into the bottle too.

Now give it a good old sprinkling of sulfur rock chips or sulfur powder (available from spiritual supplies stores), salt and red pepper corns, give it a good shake to mix it and release the magick, and then let the mixture “rest” for nine days.

Lastly, take the bottle to a stream or river, kiss your ex goodbye (or whatever gesture you feel is appropriate), and throw it in. Within the span of nine days, your ex will be out of your hair and your life for good.

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