Voodoo woman worked her roots to delay a train coming into the station…

Can you really stop a train with the power of voodoo? Well, back in old Mississippi, a young African American guy took the train over to see the daughter of a voodoo conjure woman. The girl that had won his heart lived about a mile from the station and the young guy had to catch the eight o’clock train back to town.

He was head-over-heels in love with the girl. Because of this, when eight o’clock came he had forgotten all about leaving until the train blew for the station.

The girl’s mom – the voodoo woman – poked her head around the door and said: “You want to catch that train, don’t you?”

“I sure do,” said the young guy. “But the train is already in the station. I missed it by a mile.”

“Well, don’t you bother none,” said the voodoo woman. “I’ll hold it back twenty minutes.”

With that, the voodoo woman cast a charm using roots and potions. Sure enough, the train pulled in twenty minutes late – even though it had already blown for the station.

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