Sam Joe Myers went from downtrodden barkeep to sex machine with a girl on his arm whenever he wanted...

When they're in the club big time rappers and celebrities have sexy girls all over them. Even the girls with a guy on their arm are looking over at them, and very likely thinking their date is second best. Given half-a-chance they'd drop their date like a hot brick to get in with the rapper and celeb crowd.

Yet you sit there alone. Your buddy went home as he has to be up for work in the morning. You were going to call it a night too. But you decided to drown your sorrows instead.

The bartender pours you another drink. "Hoping to get lucky tonight?" he asks. "Yeah, hoping, that's all it ever is with me these days."

But the barkeep is no ordinary guy. His name is Sam Joe Myers. Little do you know it, but he's been there too. Down on his luck and no woman so much as gives him a second glance.

OK, he's a bartender. A far cry from a big rapper or celebrity. What's more, he's no great shakes to look at either. He's fast approaching middle-age and he's not exactly rolling in cash. But he exudes something special...and he gets the girls...and some. And you've seen him do it. It's like he doesn't have to try. The girls just seem to fall in his lap. They love being around him.

"He must have something I haven't," you think to yourself.

And you are right, he DOES have something you haven't. But it's not a God-given gift. What's more, you can have it too.

So what is Sam Joe's secret?

He harnessed the power of voodoo with a Hot Guy Mojo - a voodoo spell to pull hot, sexy and classy girls every night. And that turned him into a sex machine. Women were crazy about him. The Hot Guy Mojo helped him tap into his animal magnetism, which brought out his natural charisma. It made him a love (read "sex") magnet.

It brought him the "sex eyes" which makes women steam like a furnace with desire for you. Yes, he had to put work in himself - developing his patter and confidence. But the Hot Guy Mojo acted like a powerful mascot, drawing women to him, making them feel compelled to give him that "second glance." The rest was up to Sam, but he made the most of it, believe you me.

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