I get quite a few letters asking for voodoo spells to keep a partner faithful. A newly married young woman, who I’ll call Angie, wrote last year. Her husband had had a number of affairs but solemnly promised he would mend his cheating ways. Angie, however, was worried that her husband could still be tempted to be unfaithful to her.

“Before he met me, he used to sleep with a lot of women,” she said. “And he had a few affairs after we married. And I caught him once. It was devastating. And we had a big blow up with him begging me to forgive him. He assured me he won’t ever look at another woman again. And I believe him. But it’s hard for me to be certain. I want to believe him. But I still have doubts. Have you got a voodoo spell that will keep him faithful to me?”

I advised her to go for a Stop Cheating voodoo spell, a traditional conjure formula known as a mojo hand. I go to a place of power to perform the ritual. I call down the spirits and petition them on your behalf, imploring them to compel fate in your favor to prevent, once and for all, your loved one cheating on you. No longer will you have to suffer heartbreak and hurt.

I said to Angie: “You’ll need to follow the activation instructions I send out with the mojo hand, and then put it away somewhere safe, well away from prying eyes, especially your husband’s – you don’t want him getting wind of what you’re up to.”

Angie did all this and, to date, her husband hasn’t strayed the nest. Not once. I don’t expect him to either.

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