It’s always worth enlisting a voodoo spell to help you win the lottery, or for that matter, any game of chance. In some strange and mysterious way (not measurable by science), a voodoo spell does improve the odds of you winning…

With lotteries, you should always remember that the odds are heavily stacked against you. But somebody has to win, and that somebody could well be you. There’s no reason why not. It’s all down to Lady Luck smiling on you – and that smile is precisely what voodoo spells are designed to encourage.

My Lucky Lottery Mojo, for example, is configured to coax Lady Luck into bestowing you good fortune when you play the lottery. I cast the spell in an old disused cemetery not far from me – at a gambler’s grave.

In a spirit trance, using conjurations known as “unknown tongues” I summon the gambler’s spirit, and bargain with him to charge my roots and herbs with numinous power, turning the spirit bag (mojo hand) into a living, breathing artifact that works for you 24/7 to bring the winning edge, and get Lady Luck to smile on you.

You could ask: Does this really work?

To that I’d say, can you afford to be without a “helping hand” when you play the lottery; or for that matter, any game of chance? It has to be worth using everything at your disposal to improve your chances of winning.

What’s more, I have quite a few professional gamblers as clients (mostly poker players). They literally swear by the power of voodoo to keep them in the money.

One of them said, “Thing is, when you gamble, you are taking a big chance… you could lose everything. You need to know the odds, but you also need an armory of tools at your disposal to keep you on top – for me, one of those tools is voodoo.”

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