Looking over my case notes, I notice a woman in a state of high agitation contacted me some years back. Her husband had left her for another woman after 25 years of marriage. “I can’t go on,” she told me. “I keep getting short of breath and feel like I’m going to faint. Please help me.”

The first thing I did was explain that she was having anxiety attacks and that these could be overcome. I told her to practice making her out-breaths longer than her in-breaths. “Try breathing in to a count of four, and out to a count of six,” I suggested. “Once you’ve got that down, try breathing out to a count of eight.”

I then told her to use that method every time she had a panic attack.

“Oh my god, it works,” she told me. “It really does calm me down.”

Whether you suffer from anxiety or not, it’s a very effective method of relaxation.

Anyway, once she was calm, I told her that a voodoo spell could put things right in her life. But I advised her to think about what she most wanted in life. Did she really want her husband back, who had betrayed her, or did she want to make a fresh start and create a new life?

She went away for a couple of weeks, then told me that, yes, she’d like to start a new life and asked whether I had any spellworkings that might help this along. I said I had just the thing, and fixed her up with a voodoo get-over-your-ex working.

After around three months, she’d forged out a good life for herself as a single woman and had got over her marriage. At that point, she came back to me for a Love Spell, the idea being to open up the pathways for love.

After the voodoo spell was cast, she met a few guys she got on with, but nothing really clicked. Two months on I did a recast of the voodoo love spell and within a week someone special entered her life. They are still together too, which is great.

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