She needed a voodoo love spell to bring back her ex, but first she needed to overcome his stubborn nature…

Diana was distraught. Her boyfriend had walked out on her after five years of living together. He’d met a woman who served behind the bar at a local nightclub. She begged him to come back. He felt incredibly guilty for leaving her. But was resolute he wasn’t coming back.

So Diana came to me. This was a year or so back.

Diana insisted that her guy had left her because they’d been going through a rough patch. It was a fling, but he was too stubborn to admit it. “I can see in his eyes that he still loves me,” she said. “It’s not wishful thinking. I just know it in my heart.”

After thinking about it for a day or so, I decided to perform my Midnight City voodoo love spell on Diana’s behalf. It uses a series of wish papers, drawn on parchment in pen and ink, as a catalyst to manifest the intention of the spell. The wish papers latch on to the etheral haze of the whirling glimmersparks that shimmer on the fringes of buildings and sidewalks at night.

The whirling glimmersparks are the left over wishes and dreams of the thousands – often millions of people – who pass through the city by day.

This is a powerful force that can be used to charge any voodoo spell, no matter what the intention of the spell.

The idea in this case was to get Diana’s guy to lose his stubbornness and accept his true feelings for her, and eventually return to her.

So on a specially chosen night, beginning at the stroke of midnight, I roamed the heart of the city where I live, drawing the energies of the whirling glimmersparks into a series of seven wish papers, similar to the one below.

The seven wish papers – which were derived from unknown tongues, the language of the spirits – told the story of the reconciliation between Diana and her guy, all in symbolic, subconscious language. Although it hadn’t happened yet, the wish papers held the blueprint of the guy returning to Diana.

After about an hour of this, I’d created and fully charged the seven wish papers and set off through the cool night air for home.

Did it work? Very much so. Diana’s guy returned just over a month after the Midnight City spell was cast. Around a year later they got married!

Not all lover back spells go so smoothly or successfully. But the bottom line is if you don’t try, how can you expect to get a result? And as I always say, a love spell of any sort cannot go against the flow of the multiverse. What it will always do, however, is lead you where you need to go.

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