My voodoo mentor Earl Marlowe often had people ask him if their was a voodoo spell to return money to them. They lent it to somebody they thought they could trust, but the borrower was “forgetful” about paying it back.

Earl used to say: “Don’t worry, you can jog their memory with voodoo.”

He recommended they dust a handful of nails with powdered Shame-weed (a Jamaican plant). “This makes the debtor feel ashamed for not paying back the money they borrowed.”

He then advised they get some dried wasp stingers. “These will sting the debtor’s mind into taking action and paying up.”

Next he told people to get hold of some dried daubers’ nests. “These will make your debtor ‘itch’ to see you,” he said.

He then instructed people to use the nails to drive the above items into a Black Locust tree in the shape of a cross. The cross “draws” from all directions.

“Do this,” said Earl, “and it will only be a short time before your debtor comes to you and pays you in full.”

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