A while back I received a long text from Melissa (name changed for privacy) saying she and her family’s life is being made a living hell by bad neighbors. “These annoying neighbors play loud music at all hours,” she said. “My work is suffering. So is my husband’s. And our kids will fail their exams this year if it carries on.”

Melissa had complained to the housing authority, but they’d done nothing, just palmed her off. Her bad neighbors wouldn’t see reason, slammed the door in her face.

I get a lot of requests for voodoo spells to get rid of bad neighbors, mostly from people in Britain and the US. There’s no doubt about it: Annoying neighbors can make your live unbearable with loud music, shouting and screaming, banging and crashing around, and worse, threatening behavior. The noise problems are typically the biggest issue.

But the worst of it is, housing managers and landlords usually do nothing to resolve the problem. They just hope it goes away.

As to Melissa’s problem with bad neighbors, I fixed her up with a mojo hand to remove bad neighbors. This involved doing a powerful ritual at my crossroads shrine, calling on the spirits to imbue their most fearsome energies into the ingredients in the mojo hand.

I then mailed the mojo hand to Melissa, along with a letter containing instructions on how to activate the mojo hand – and advising her to place it close to the shared wall or ceiling with her neighbors, leaving it to do its work. Four weeks later her neighbors suddenly moved out – like they’d got a hellhound on their tail…

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