If you’ve been having a long run of bad luck or misfortune – and let’s face it, if it happens to you, even a few days can feel like a long run – this might be the result of negative elemental spirits or energies that have latched on to you. This may have happened while you were at a low ebb, which made you less able to fend them off.

The following voodoo ghost smoke powder ceremony is very effective for banishing any negative forces that are causing bad luck.

Ghost smoke – commonly known as “smoke powder” – is available from magic (conjuring) or joke shops, and is used quite a bit by practitioners of voodoo. When lit, it gives off billows of white smoke.

The ceremony should be done outdoors after sunset. DO NOT do it indoors, as you could do more harm than good. This is what you do:

Take a piece of good quality (thick) art paper, and write your name on it using red ink or Dove’s Blood Ink if you have it. Ideally, you would use a fountain pen or a dip pen, but a felt tip or biro is fine.

Also write the following prayer on the same piece of paper:

“Mysterious beings and spirits that direct my Fate, hear my call!Help me in my plight! Make this run of bad luck and misfortune leave me. Bring me peace of mind and prosperity. Keep me from harm and hardship. As the weaving smoke reaches the upper-worlds of the multiverse, grant me my wish!”

That’s quite a long prayer, right? So you may want to check that your paper is large enough before you start writing.

Put a teaspoonful of ghost smoke powder onto another piece of paper and place it on the ground. Now place the paper that you have written on over the piece with the ghost powder and sprinkle it with a few drops of pine oil.

Carefully light the powder, and as the smoke billows, concentrate with all of your might on your wish to be rid of negativity.

When the smoke has burned out, gather the parchment and ashes and bury them in the ground. Do this ritual three nights in a row.

After this, all negativity in your Life should literally just go up in smoke!

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