Lucinda (name changed for privacy) consulted me the other week about a voodoo spell to stop her boyfriend from cheating. For the last three years she’s lived with a singer from a well-known British indie rock band. Lucinda is studying economics at university, while her boyfriend is busy touring and recording with his band.

Being in the public eye, he gets a lot of girls hitting on him. About six months ago, he gave in to temptation and had a fling with a groupie.

Lucinda was devastated. She and the singer had been together for a year before the band took off – and he’d always been faithful. But fame had brought the inevitable allure of easy sex.

“I cried for days,” Lucinda told me. “The worst of it was, the girl he went with was a real bimbo, leather gear, fishnets, huge silicon boobs… it was like a dagger to my heart.”

Lucinda forgave him and he promised never to cheat on her again. But Lucinda was not able to feel confident that he would stick to his word. In the end – on the advice of her dad, an old pal of mine – she came to me.

I was honest with her.

I said: “It’s a huge temptation when you’re in a well-known band. And the fact is, a lot of musicians just lie to their wives and girlfriends and make the most of the groupies that come their way.”

As it was, I fixed Lucinda up with a stop cheating mojo hand.

And since the voodoo spell was cast. whenever he is away, Lucinda’s boyfriend calls her every night before he goes to bed, putting her mind at rest that he is sleeping alone.

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