If you’ve been dumped or abandoned by your lover, one strategy to try and bring them back is to use a voodoo spell that keeps you in their thoughts…

What you do is you collect six photos of you and make a box out of them using clear sticky tape to hold it together – four photos for the sides, two for the top and bottom. But leave the top open for now.

If you are a woman trying this you could use photos of yourself looking enticing and alluring; if you are male and you work out, maybe photos without your shirt.

As you’ve left the top of your photo box open, you now add two photos of your ex – glued together back to back. Suspend the glued photos in the middle of the photo box using red cotton or wool, and hold in place using sticky tape.

Now you can seal the top of your photo box.

Once all this is done, choose a quiet time or day, or early evening as the sun is setting, and chant over the box. Say something like:

“Always think of me,
Sun up to sun down.
And dream of only me,
The whole night through.”

This will keep you in your ex’s thoughts 24/7, until, eventually, they return to you.

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