If you have your heart set on auditioning for and WINNING a show like The X Factor, American Idol or America’s Got talent, you might like to try the following spell to keep the judges under control and on your side. It’s well known that the judges like to dish out criticism, but you should be able to keep it in check with this voodoo controlling spell.

This is what you need to do:

Mix together the following ingredients into a paste:

  • 1 teaspoon of Magnet Incense Powder
  • 1 ounce of Compelling Oil

Once it’s nicely blended together, anoint a red candle with the paste, drawing it towards you.

Using Dove’s Blood Ink or a red biro or felt tip, write the full name of the judge on a small piece of parchment paper (thickish art paper works just fine). Put the paper on a metal dish or baking tray, placing it in the center. Now place the candle in a nice jazzy candle holder, maybe one decorated with music notes if you’re a singer or musician, or something relevant to what your talent is. Put it on top of the parchment paper, then surround the candle with seven small mounds of Compelling Incense.

Light the candle and the seven incense piles, and allow it to burn for one hour for three consecutive days. The judges will be rendered unable to criticize you! What’s more, they might even be compelled to be complimentary about you!

So there you go, and I look forward with interest to seeing you try out on the show of your choice and winning!

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