If your partner or spouse has left you, try this top voodoo spell to get him or her running right on back to you. It harnesses the power of nature with a little added sweetness, so it makes a perfect honey trap to trap your honey…

Collect some rainwater and pour it into a glass. Drop three lumps of sugar (not sweetener, we’re doing a full fat working here!) into the glass and say: “Father, Son, Holy Spirit.” Then add three more lumps (the spirits really DO have a sweet tooth) and say: “Jesus, Mary, Joseph.”

Now add yet another three sugar lumps (this is going to bring on a sugar rush!) and say:

“Bring my husband/wife/partner (their name)back to me. He/she been gone too long, it’s time he/she came back to the woman/man who loves him well.”

Put the glass in a dark place (NEVER near a mirror) and pop in a dessert spoon.

The next morning, take the glass outside your house. Stir the contents of the glass clockwise three times. Then throw the contents at your house, while saying:

“Father, Son, Holy Ghost, Jesus, Mary, Joseph, grant my wish, make my desire true.”

Make sure you don’t spill the water at any point before throwing it against the house, as the sugared water must never be walked on.

Now all you have to do is sit back and wait for that hyper-charged liquid love magick to do its work.


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