The most powerful place to cast voodoo spells is in a graveyard. Voodoo spells are most effective when you call upon the Graveyard Snake. Voodoo spells to bring a lover back, gain gambling luck, attract money and wealth, remove or place hexes, are hugely more powerful when performed inside the cemetery gates.

Indeed, my voodoo mentor Earl Marlowe always said that the most powerful place to cast your voodoo spells was the graveyard. And that the key “invisible,” or otherworlder, involved in graveyard work was a mysterious and terrifying entity known as the graveyard snake.

I recall one time, Earl went into great detail about the graveyard snake and casting voodoo spells with its help. We were walking along the River Thames on London’s southbank. It was a glorious summer’s day back in the 1980s. The snaking, serpentine waters seemed to glisten as we talked.

As was his want, Earl lit up a stogie (very strong weed), which he puffed on as he outlined the mysteries of the graveyard snake.

He said:

“When you do a working, or cast a voodoo spell, in the cemetery you have to make it your business to become acquainted with the graveyard snake. If you don’t, not only will your voodoo spells not work, or be very weak, but your very life and soul could be put in terrible jeopardy. That old snake will spot a greenhorn a mile off. On a good day, when he’s only feeling mischievous, not malicious, he’ll show the greenhorn a vision of hell. On a bad day, he’ll take that greenhorn to hell.”

Earl handed me the stogie, saying, “Man, that’s some wicked chronic.” After puffing on it a while, I asked Earl what the graveyard snake looked like.

He replied:

“That reptile is one mean and scary creature with its black with yellow splotches, and slithering with mean intent. It lives in the boneyard where it weeps and moans.”

After walking further along the Thames, we sat down on a bench and Earl told me about the origins of the graveyard snake:

“The graveyard snake came about this way. Long, long time ago the Devil was busy tempting Adam and Eve. He’d taken on the form of a serpent. When he succeeded in tempting them, he laughed so much, he split his-self in two – into a spirit part and a material part. The spirit part of him goes about the world tempting folks, but also helping out conjure doctors. While the material part lives down in the graveyard.”

Earl stared at the rippling waters of the Thames for a while, then added:

“You can contact the spirit part through the material part. That’s what we do in graveyard work. It’s the secret of the hoodoo doctors. You see, the graveyard snake is Ole Satan himself and he can help you in the black art. That’s coz he’s a master of the black art.”

Earl then laid down how you go about conjuring up the graveyard snake:

“To call up the graveyard snake you need to sew up a piece of silver in a small piece of red flannel. Wear it over your heart. Then say a verse from the Holy Bible backwards at 12 midnite in the boneyard on a moonlit night. Within a short time Old Nick will come and meet you.”

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