If you need a job then casting a voodoo spell will get you the edge over the competition, but it’s also worth taking into account your attitude towards jobs…

Casting a voodoo spell to get a job is a powerful way to gain the extra confidence you need for interviews, as well as putting you in the right place at the right time when it comes to locating the job you want.

A voodoo spell can help you achieve your goals and ambitions in life.

But it’s also wise to consider a change of attitude towards jobs and work. For example, rather than think “I need a job”, think “I need money.”

The fact is, it’s never a job you need, it’s money!

By using the term “job” it’s a kind of displacement for being more direct and saying “money.”

Sure, you don’t go to a job interview and say you just want money, as that would put the employer off.

No, this is more a mindset. You see, if you focus your thinking on money, you open up the possibilities of getting some. Just thinking “job” limits you. Keep your thinking on money and you might be very nicely surprised.

You open yourself up to opportunities. You might figure out a way of selling stuff on ebay, or creating a business of some kind… both of which, if you do them right, stand to make your more money than most jobs.

But going back to using voodoo spells to get a good job, it’s worth recognizing that voodoo spells bring you the edge. And that’s all you need to get ahead of the competition. It’s that indefinable something that will make an employer choose you over somebody better qualified.

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