Voodoo Spells To Win A Court Case

Voodoo Spells To Win A Court Case - Doktor Snake

Powerful voodoo spells to win a court case and get the law to rule in your favor, either by dropping charges or dealing more leniently with you.

My voodoo spells to win a court case will gain you the upper hand in a court of law. If you’re on a bad rap, they can get you off or reduce the severity of the punishment. And if the police are on your back, these voodoo spells will keep them away from you.

Don’t get me wrong: There are bad people in the world, and they don’t deserve to get off. But many people who run into trouble with the law are good at heart (they just need another chance) or are totally innocent.

I’m presuming you are one of those people. So using voodoo spells to win a court case, swaying the judge or jury, is a way of escaping the clutches of the legal system, which is often far from fair – as I’m sure you are well aware.

What’s more, you might have the best lawyer in the world, but a little voodoo help to seal the deal will not come amiss.

What People Say

“Doc, my man, I won that court case! Thought I’d do time, but I got off! Can’t believe it. Thank you, Doc.” Robert, Washington, USA.

“That voodoo doll you made for me is doing its job keeping the cops away from me, they was always banging on my door accusing me of things I never done.” Taylor, Staten Island, New York.

“Dr Snake, I won that case – I got what was rightfully mine. Thank you.” Delores, South London.

How it works

To perform the ritual for your spell, I go to a place of power, such as an disused, lonely graveyard out in the country, or a wooded grove or ruined church. Once there I perform a powerful arcane ceremony to charge the artifacts that go into the conjure bag. All my rituals are configured according to the phases of the moon and the position of the sun.

As the hoot owl cries and the black cat moans, I call upon my helping spirits, including the Graveyard Snake and the shade of my old voodoo mentor Earl Marlowe (featured in my Doktor Snake’s Voodoo Spellbook). I implore them to enter the conjure bag and its ingredients to charge them with the numinous power needed to bring the results you desire.

Once the cool night air becomes calm, and I see the signs that your conjure bag has been charged by the spirits, I collect the items , and humbly thank the spirits, then head for home, knowing the job has been done.

African Roots

The roots of conjure bags go back to Africa and to other traditions of sorcery. Most cultures would use a small bag to keep their magical artifacts in. The ingredients used come alive with numinous power after a voodoo ritual has been performed.

After my ritual work is completed, I package up your items and mail them to you, along with a letter detailing what you need to do next.

Order Your Voodoo Spell Package Now

Voodoo Spells To Win A Court Case - Doktor Snake


Only $125 USD. (Plus postage & packing for faster, secure and trackable delivery)

Voodoo Conjure Bag: Containing root, stone, shells.

If you are in Britain or Europe, you will receive your package within two working days of the ritual being performed. If you’re in the US, it takes four to five working days, and seven to ten days for the rest of the world.


voodoo card reading doktor snake

PLUS for an additional $47 you can get a CARD READING to gain insight into into your legal situation and see the prevailing trends surrounding it. For many clients, a reading brings indispensable information that cannot be done without.


psychic influence pendant doktor snake voodoo talisman

ALSO FOR AN EXTRA $45.00 you can have a PSYCHIC INFLUENCE PENDANT, which can be used to control and manipulate others to get want you want, including swaying influential people that can impact your legal situation.


spiritual cleansing amulet

AND: For an additional $45.00 you can get a SPIRITUAL CLEANSING AMULET for removing negativity and evil forces that may be surrounding your case and situation Carry it with you to ensure no negative forces can impact you.


Date For Your Spellworking
Due to high demand, you may not hear back from Doktor Snake immediately (aside from autoresponder confirmations). But you will receive a date for your working within 7 days of your order. It is of great importance to Doktor Snake that he gives each spellworking the full and undivided attention that each client deserves.

What’s more, you will NOT be forgotten once you’ve bought a spellworking from Doktor Snake. He will fully support you through any issue that may arise throughout the spellworking. Plus all spellworkings have a one-off payment. No extra charges. The job is done in one.

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