Young woman emails me a month or so back saying: “What are your voodoo spells for love – I need your most powerful! Mine’s a special case.”

In truth, hers was not a special case, it was a crazy case! Her grandmother was 99 years old. The young woman didn’t think she had long left for this world. And her being in her mid-thirties wanted to get married so her grandmother could see that special day before she passed on. She’d had various serious relationships but none had worked out. Now she had her eye on a guy that ran a local auto repair shop, and wanted me to cast a voodoo spell to gain his attention romantically – within days, ideally.

“Well, I got lotsa voodoo spells for love, lotsa workings that will turn that guy’s eyes firm on you,” I said. “But getting this guy coming around in days is crazy…but I guess it’s doable. It would need my most powerful voodoo spell for love – and that’s the conjure box. It’s an all around love machine that can be configured to your specific needs. The spell is done in the graveyard and gets those spirits jumping. They get bored if they ain’t got a challenge and turning this boy’s eye will bring ’em job satisfaction!.”

I was kinda joking, the spirits – or the “invisibles” – are more complex than that. But when you get the ritual timings right and you feel an electric buzz in the air during the midnight rite in the graveyard, you KNOW that the intention of the spell is going to come to pass.. You know for real that those spirits you called up are on the case, weaving the fabric of fate to bring about romance.

In this case, the guy at the auto repair shop came around in three days. It was remarkable. The young woman was overjoyed. And I took rum and cigars to the graveyard as offerings of thanks to the spirits.

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