Casting a voodoo love spell involves a number of stages, whether your intention is to attract love, return an ex, or bind a lover to you.

The first stage is to collect the ingredients for the love spell. These can be specifically voodoo-related or items you have in your kitchen or home. Or if sigils (symbols) are involved you simply need paper and a pen.

The next stage is relaxing your body and mind (stopping internal dialog). This is very much like meditation or trance, and both are very similar techniques designed to quiet the body/mind system.

Often a cleansing ritual is performed, which can be along the lines of my Opening the Gates “freeform” magick formula (see my Obsidian Rites of Magick post). This involves opening up and acknowledging the four directions, and the upper and lower worlds. When your love spellworking is done you close the gates.

The key aspect of casting a voodoo love spell that works is to formulate your intention – your desire or wish. Make it clear and precise, such as: “I want to bring real, lasting love into my life.” Or: “I wish to return my ex [their name] and reignite the love we felt in the beginning.”

Then when casting your love spell, and in a relaxed state of trance, you visualize your intention (desire or wish) and feel the emotion during the casting… but ensure all emotion is positive and that the “thinking in words” center of your mind is quiet – or at very least that all trains of thought are positive and related to the intent of your love spell.

With all that in mind, here are my seven best voodoo love spells for love that you can cast yourself:

(1) Do you need a number #1 super-powerful voodoo love spell? Then invoke Erzulie, voodoo Goddess of Love…

If you’re having a bumpy ride when it comes to affairs of the heart, this ultra powerful voodoo love spell will help to smooth things out in a hurry. [Read more]

(2) Gypsy love spells: Simple, but powerful love binding spell to keep a couple together or heal a broken relationship…

This spell was given to me by my great uncle Roland, a gypsy on his mother’s side. He said the spell would keep a couple together through thick and thin, and would heal a broken relationship too. [Read more]

(3) Sexy, steamy voodoo spell to make a man crazy about you – astral lust seduction – become a succubus and win the man of your dreams…

This red hot voodoo spell involves turning yourself into a female lust demon to make the man you have the hots for infatuated with you. The technique involves astrally projecting your spirit body into the dreams of your chosen man (or woman, if that is your inclination), making those dreams tantalizing, and seducing your chosen lover on the etheric plane. [Read more]

(4) Super hot sexy voodoo love spell that works like a charm!

fire heart
Marie Laveau certainly knew a thing or two about whipping up a storm with her voodoo spells, and this one reputedly comes straight from the workings of the New Orleans voodoo queen herself. It will make the one you love come running to you and have them worshiping at your feet. [Read more]

(5) Hot, sexy as hell voodoo love spell

sexy voodoo spell
If you’ve got the hots for someone, but they aren’t showing any signs of feeling the same way about you, try this voodoo love spell to enchant them into only having eyes (and their heart!) for YOU… [Read more]

(6) Return a lover and break up a couple with Marie Laveau’s secret voodoo formula…

Marie Laveau House of Voodoo
If your lover has done gone left you for somebody else, and you want ’em back, this secret voodoo formula will split up the new relationship and bring your ex running back to you like iron filings to a magnet. [Read more]

(7) Love Spirit: Cast a voodoo conjure spell to reunite with a husband or wife who has left you…

Love Spirit
If your husband has walked out on you and you want him to return, the following voodoo conjure working will bring him running back to you – champing at the bit. It taps into the attractant power of the love spirit that flows through every town and city on the planet like a tidal wave of passion. [Read more]

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