With my voodoo spells clients have the choice of having ritual items mailed to them, or I can keep them on my voodoo shrine. People often ask which is best? My reply is both ways work fine. The power is constant either way.

For me personally, though, actually “seeing” the ritual items and touching them is a powerful thing in itself. Holding a magical artefact in your hands inspires your subconscious mind to firmly believe that things are going to change for the better, and that the job is going to get done.

All my magic is totally positive and aimed at helping people move
forwards in life.

That said, I get the odd client that is little nervous about having ritual items sent to them. And this is why I have devised a way to keep items on my shrine while retaining the full power of the spellworking. In those cases, though, I email pictures of the ritual items to bring something of the “feel” and unusual and uniqueness of the items I create during my ritual workings.

The unusualness of the ritual items, along with the startling colours and arcane glyphs, harnesses the forces you need, and also makes your subconscious jump up and think: “Yes, changes are gonna come! Things are gonna work out!”

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