If your guy is straying it cuts deep to your heart. You can no longer trust him. But you can break his cheating ways with voodoo.

So your guy is always on his phone. But he quickly puts it away when you come into the room. Who the hell is he messaging? What’s he looking it? You ask him and all he says is “nobody” or “the guys.”

Yeah, right.

It’s pretty damn clear he’s found his latest squeeze. But you can’t prove it. If he leaves his phone around you can’t get into it because you don’t know the pin. You go into Facebook to try and login to his account. You try and guess the likely passwords. But that doesn’t work. Either that or he’s got Two-Factor-Authentication switched on – which means you need access to his phone to get the code that’ll let you get into his Facebook.

You’re friends with him on FB. But he has loads of women on there. Some of them flirt. But you can’t tell which one he might be messaging or seeing on the sly.

When you confront him, he just says you’re crazy, he’s only got eyes for you.

Yeah, pull the other one.

So what do you do?

Well, you can hire a private detective to keep an eye on him. But that’ll cost you money. Obviously, you could throw your guy out. But if you still love him, then you’re gonna want to try and heal the relationship and stop him from cheating on you.

With traditional voodoo, you might stop a man from straying by cooking up some food for him with some drops of your blood in it. Either that or put some of your blood in his coffee or tea. My old voodoo mentor Earl Marlowe used to say, “That never fail.”

The idea is you draw some blood from your arm. Or from between your thumb and first finger on your left hand. You can also use menstrual blood. Another way is to draw some blood and write the initials of your husband or boyfriend’s name on some paper and place it in the toe of his shoe – so you guide him and stop him from straying.

This is sympathetic magic (also called “homeopathic” magic by Victorian anthropologists). It’s all about like influencing like and revolves around the idea that everything is connected. It means you can have an influence on the everyday world by interfacing into a given part of the flow of things.

So if you’re having trouble with a guy cheating on you, a little voodoo will help…

You could try baking a cake for him and putting some drops of your blood in it. When you do so, it’s a good idea to focus your mind on what it is you’re trying to achieve – in this case stopping your guy straying. You’d do this as you let the drops of blood drip into the cake mixture. Give it a try. See how it pans out.

But if your guy is an inveterate cheater, and goes off with any woman that is willing, you might need greater firepower. For this you’d do graveyard work. You go to a cemetery and call up the spirit of a woman (that you know from research) was successful in marriage and had kept her husband in line.

When I do graveyard work of this kind, I fix up various arcane items, which are charged by the spirits, including the Graveyard Snake, which haunts certain graveyards. And these items go in a drawsting bag, or mojo hand… which I give to clients. The idea is they put it in a drawer and leave it to do its work, keeping their guy from running round with other women. This typically does the trick.

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